Access: Retrieval > Deny list

Filter retrievability over HTTP and graphsync. By applying a blacklisting or whitelisting logic to peer IDs.

Blacklist / Whitelist

  • Blacklist mode : Choose which ID or client to blacklist. Retrieval will be allowed to any other IDs.
  • Whitelist mode : only the selected ID and clients will be able to retrieve content.

When adding a new peer ID, you have the option to choose between one of the registered client peer IDs or input a completely new peer ID

Deny list blacklisted peer ids

Booster bitswap

booster-bitswap is a binary that runs alongside the boostd process, to serve retrievals over the Bitswap protocol.

booster-bitswap implements an integration with CIDgravity to retrieve settings from CIDgravity:

  • Maintenance Mode: Provides the status of the maintenance mode, indicating whether it is active or inactive
  • Allow or Deny List: Furnishes a list of peer IDs that are either allowed or denied within the CIDgravity deny list
  • Limits: Presents global retrieval limits that are specifically set for the designated miner

For seamless configuration of booster-bitswap limits within CIDgravity and to obtain a pre-filled command, navigate to the Settings section.

Configure the booster bitswap limits