Permissions and users

Managing multiple miners

Any user can seamlessly manage multiple miners and switch between them.

To claim another miner, navigate to the My Addresses section located under your profile picture in the top navigation bar.

List of my claimed addresses

To initiate the claiming process for a new address, simply click on Claim a new address

Click here for more info on the standard claiming process

Up to 10 miners can be managed with the same account. If you are looking to manage more miners. Reach out to us.

Manage user permissions

  • Multiple users can manage the same miner.
  • Each user will have to claim the miner individually.
  • Options/Settings are attached to a miner.
  • Changes from one user will immediately apply.
  • All users accessing a miner have the same rights level.

Remove access rights

User access rights can be removed by:

  • navigating to My Addresses section under your profile picture in the top navigation bar.
  • clicking on the key icon associated with the desired miner to review permissions.
List of users who manage a specific miner