Group address, apply custom pricing and acceptance criterias, give priority, and get advanced insight on clients activity.

Client is a core component of CIDgravity.

Access: Storage > Client

Create new client

Clients can be created from the client page or by clicking on any client proposed name from dashboards or history.

Pricing model and acceptance logic

When creating a client you can select to apply a specific pricing and acceptance logic to that client. It’s fine to not selecting one, the default pricing and/or acceptance logic will then apply.

Client identity

Fill the identity information about the client

Filecoin addresses

Fill all Filecoin addresses used by the client.

There are no constraints on the number of addresses that can be linked to a client.

After an address is entered press ENTER to start the address validation.

Manage Filecoin addresses for this client

Peer IDs

In order to identify the customer when new retrieval deals are received, it is imperative to provide all the known Peer IDS associated to the client.

Manage client Peer IDs

Rate limits

It’s possible to specify client specific limits, keep in mind this is an additional limit, it does not override the global limits. More information on limits.

Manage storage deal rate for this client

Start epoch sealing buffer

This setting overrides the global start epoch sealing buffer. More information on the start epoch sealing buffer.

Define a value for the start epoch sealing buffer

Block a client

When enabled, this feature start rejecting all deals from a specific client.

A custom message is concatenated to the rejection message sent back to the client.